Preparation of business plans and tender applications

A business plan is a document that describes the operations of the company, the market in which it operates, and the objectives and strategies with which the company will achieve these objectives.
The business plan is a fundamental tool that every start-up must create before it can start operating. Typically, both banks and venture capital firms require the submission of a business plan to invest in the company.

A well-structured and prepared business plan

  • encourages you to think realistically and objectively about your company,
  • contains information on planned objectives and strategies that you can provide to banks, business partners, employees, financial institutions, etc.,
  • helps ensure that all aspects of the plan are clear and concise,
  • allows you to identify areas where outside help may be needed,
  • allows you to plan the growth of your business and the related capital requirements.


Our service entails the preparation of business plans that a company needs both to start the company or to obtain bank loans, and when applying for a tender to obtain funds from the EU.

The tender application service includes advice to entrepreneurs for obtaining funding sources, assistance in selecting the appropriate tender, assistance or the entire preparation of the tender application, as well as the preparation of the necessary documentation.

In fact, numerous tenders are available for each organization at the municipal, national, European and international level.

We check each customer’s suitability and eligibility and help prepare project ideas.

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