Outsourcing of the calculation of salary and other remuneration

We offer a complete service for the calculation of salaries and other wages for employees and potential external collaborators.

Some essential advantages for outsourcing the calculation of salaries and other renumeration to external contractors

  • an optimization of labor costs and work processes with the customer,
  • a guaranteed constant availability and respect all deadlines (both the customer and all the other stakeholders),
  • continuous professional training and many years of experience of the contractor,
  • resolution of more complex and demanding issues and labor legal advice,
  • an ensured professional responsibility and complete confidentiality of data.

Our service comprises

  • the preparation of a monthly statement of salaries and other income from employment and other contractual relationship (royalties, company contracts, rents, etc.),
  • the preparation of payment orders for the transfer of salaries and other wages, contributions and taxes,
  • the submission of requests for reimbursement of salaries and contributions,
  • the preparation of monthly and annual forms for paid wages and other payments for competent authorities,
  • employment consultancy.


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